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fabric store… send the pictures of the things you make to my facebook group…


Helen Reinsvold says:

Can you put links to your husbands channel, and your other channels please? I love your videos btw :)

Lydia Oppong says:

Can u make this beside the fabric u use

Candace Mezick says:

how do you make the dress you have on?!

Meg Usta says:

I love you. Love love love you. I really love you<3 Thank you!!!

jennie pitts says:

my dear child you are i in a million your mother and father shuold be shouuting for joy to have had such a gifted daughter,you are Great.i would creat for my self these flolakes to wear for me.thanks cool in the sumer.

Maggie Crawford says:

Awesome! Thank you!

mightybee101 says:

I love that print on your fabric and the dress

SaloneSweetest says:

You make this look so very easy. I am a beginner! I mean like i just got my sewing machine yesterday. Its the Brother computerized PR limited edition. I have never sewn before, so I am glad you are showing us how to use this. thank you so much and i cannot wait to start sewing.

Vivie Prescotty says:

I am so happy you are showing us how to sew with out a pattern. Thank You and God Bless you and your family, You have greatness with in. Thank you again.

melinda cooper says:

I know I’m very late in seeing your channel or watching your videos. I love them. I just brought Brother runway computerized sewing machine and I see your using a Serger machine often doing your videos. So the question is do I need one. I make crocheted clothes but I’m just learning about sewing. Thanks

Amber Kay says:

Wow! I love this. I can’t wait to try this for myself. Thanks so much for sharing. I plan on amking my summer dresses this year, since I can’t ever find the fit or length I want. This will be one of my first.

Paturnella Hazell says:

i wanted to see what the back looks like with the blue vest,but the front looks great.

Anna Manunza says:

dall’Italia come si fa? quanto costano? ciao

christalg82 says:

What type of fabric did you use?

DIYmeesha says:

yes I will be doing that I always use that kind because it is good for beggenrs

sonyasmixedmedia says:

Hi, Can you make some dresses out of cotton -non stretch, as the jersey knit sticks to the body and hides nothing! My tummy is not ao flat anymore LOL

Baddscorpio says:

Whats the point in making it if you arent going to sure what it looks like with all that extra gibberish on top of it? Lol

DIYmeesha says:

we will have them in are store now online store will be open soon at a low prices

craftster00 says:

ask your husband where he got those fabrics cause they are just awesome!

Janetta G says:

Your husband brings you fabric? That’s sew cool! Sounds like a keeper!

BetsysH0pe says:

Wow, what an amazing dress!! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Unsia says:

thank you for posting all these helpful tutorials :)

i just have one suggestion: can you please make videos with a higher volume? I have to use headphones all the time to listen.

DIYmeesha says:

great too here send me a video Respon

Amanda Hernandez says:

mine came out so good! thanks for the easy tutorial

artdelide99 says:

luv the fabric

DIYmeesha says:

you can try it

DIYmeesha says:

happy I could do that God bless

DIYmeesha says:

ok will do

DIYmeesha says:


DIYmeesha says:

thank you have fun doing it 

DIYmeesha says:

WELCOME And he have a eye for fabric lol

qunats says:

Can i use cotton ( not jersey) that doesn’t have any stretch to it.It is some fabric laying around

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